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Ashmusy Nigerian Content Creator Tuns 26

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Popular Nigerian content creator Ashmusy, has turned 26 years old today.

Ashmusy Nigerian Content Creator Tuns 26

Nigeria has become the hub of content creation in Africa. Ashmusy and a host of Nigerian youths have resorted to creating content for a living.

The skit maker has taken a walk back in memory. She has counted her blessings in a young life as she turns 26 years old. She also attributed that apart from GOD, no other male has a hand in her success and she is overtly thankful for the massive change her life has experienced thus far.

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She wrote this.

I have achieved so much at 26

Trained/training my siblings in a Private Uni.

Bought houses, Built successful businesses….etc

So so so super proud of myself, I don’t say enough.

The only “probably” male that has a hand in this is GOD…and oh my mother.

After them, I do it all by myself. I started from the damn scratch with no help!

From that ‘face me i face’ you compound, Where my mom begged for us to feed..

I started running up and down Balogun market every DAMN DAY.. to buy hair for customers, down to doing videos every single day (Sometimes against my wish/mood)

I smile and play on the camera and then drop my phone and cry on my pillow.

Gosh I am so proud of myself, those that have stuck with me on this app, since the very beginning, THANK YOU, I love you.

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