My Boyfriend Dumped Me After 72 Abortions

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A netizen, has bemoaned how her boyfriend broke up with her after 72 abortions with him. My boyfriend of many years is marrying my best friend.

Identified as Nana Hemaa Stella on Facebook, the lady narrated how her beau ditched her after risking her life to terminate several pregnancies for him. A woman in love will do crazy things. My boyfriend did not value the relationship we had.

According to Stella, her boyfriend is marrying another woman despite what she has done for the guy. Matters of the heart are always heartbreaking to discuss. He, however, overlooked all of these sacrifices and deserted her.

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My Boyfriend Dumped Me After 72 Abortions

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The lady did not, however, say whether her best friend snatched her man from her or he made the sole decision to move on without regard for her sacrifices. Love make people do things beyond reasoning.

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How can my boyfriend with whom I have taken these risks for leaving me like that? She asked. May she find comfort in life as she journeys on.


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