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 Bangladesh Explosion 38 Confirmed Dead

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A chemical explosion in Bangladesh has killed 38 people and injured dozens.

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 Bangladesh Explosion 38 Confirmed Dead

The chemical explosion was triggered by a fire at a shipping container depot in Bangladesh last night. Hundreds of rescuers were battling the blaze that broke out late Saturday in Sitakunda, about 25 miles from Chittagong, when several containers holding chemicals exploded, the fire brigade told reporters.

The blast killed almost three dozen people and gave way to an even larger fire, which was still raging in the early hours of Sunday morning. 

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Death toll from the detonation is expected to rise as eyewitness testimonies suggested they had seen several uncovered bodies at the site, while more than 300 people sustained injuries, some of them serious.

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 Bangladesh Explosion 38 Confirmed Dead

According to fire service chief Brigadier General Main Uddin, the container depot held hydrogen peroxide.

We still could not control the fire because of the existence of this chemical. He Stated.

Hydrogen peroxide is not a combustible chemical, but it can dramatically improve the eruption of other substances, exacerbating the severity of existing fires. Numerous of the 4,000 containers caught up in the explosion contained garments foreordained for Western retailers. The Bangladesh police and emergency workers are retrieving bodies.

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