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 Ebiteinye Juliet Hit Back Her Bullies 

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Ebiteinye Juliet has responded after being harassed by online trolls to lose weight and get married.

 Ebiteinye Juliet Hit Back Her Bullies 

The 28-year-old plus-sized model has told her bullies to mind their business. Juliet, posted a video to address her bullies for asking her to lose weight.

Ebiteinye Juliet stated she is not in a rush to marry. According to her, she will only marry when she is ready for it. For her weight, she will not even lose a damm pound.

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 Ebiteinye Juliet Hit Back Her Bullies 

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Mental health is so important guys. It’s easy to forget that everyone that was on the show is a human being, it comes with the fame but we’re people like you and mistakes will be made. Let’s be kind. Don’t use your own moral compass to make it harder than it is for any of us

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