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Ukraine Army Exterminate 2 Generals

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Two Russian generals have been killed in Ukraine by the Ukrainian army. Lieutenant General Roman Berdnikov, 47, and Major General Roman Kutuzov were allegedly killed in the same ambush in eastern Ukraine on Sunday.

Reports, the Russian veterans died in a convoy ambush in the Donetsk region. Kutuzov’s death has reportedly been confirmed by the Russians. There has been no confirmation of Berdnikov’s death.

Генерал лейтенант Бердников Р.Б
Ukraine Army Exterminate 2 Generals

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Berdnikov becomes the 12th general to have been killed in Ukraine. The war was supposed to be a walkover for the Russians. Ukraine army and resistance groups have stalled Russia’s process.

On the morning of June 5, Lt-Gen Roman Berdnikov, who led the Russian troops and units of the DPR from Donetsk, left with the headquarters on a working trip.

On the way, presumably on a bridge, the vehicles of the headquarters were attacked by a Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance group.

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Part of the Russian convoy was “destroyed or immobilised” – but some vehicles were able to escape the ambush and fled.

After that, our sources reported that Roman Berdnikov died in this battle,” Sladkov said.

Ukraine Army Exterminate 2 Generals

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