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 Police Ignores A Man To Dies Helplessly In A lake

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Camera footage has shown an Arizona man who drowned in a lake while police stood by doing nothing.

Two police officers stood by while the man was helplessly calling for help. Officers had been called to the Elmore Pedestrian Bridge after a Downtown Tempe Authority ambassador reported a disturbance between Bickings and his partner.

 Police Ignores A Man To Dies Helplessly In A lake

According to News 12, Bickings and his partner cooperated with officers, who arrived just after 5am. They denied that any physical argument had occurred.

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At that point, the officers don’t have a reason to be there,’ said Andy Anderson, a former assistant chief with Phoenix Police. None of the officers at the scene had a background in mental health, according to Anderson.

Bickings can be seen on the video climbing over a bar and walking down to the lake, saying, ‘I’m going for a swim. The officers, were aware the deceased cannot swim.

An officer tells Bickings that he can’t swim in the lake, but did not make any effort to stop him.

 Police Ignores A Man To Dies Helplessly In A lake

‘I’m going to drown. I’m going to drown,’ said Sean Bickings, 34, according to a transcript of video taken on May 28, when Bickings was struggling to stay afloat in a reservoir in Tempe, Arizona.

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