Michel Platini And Blatter Deny Corruption Allegations

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Former UEFA President Michel Platini and former FIFA president Joseph Sepp Blatter have come out to deny corruption allegations.

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Michel Platini And Blatter Deny Corruption Allegations

The two former football deciders are facing corruption charges in Switzerland, with prosecutors alleging that the pair unlawfully arranged a payment of two million Swiss francs (£1.6m) in 2011 from FIFA to Platini.

Michel Platini and Sepp have always denied wrongdoing and came out fighting in his testimony on Thursday, June 9, as he looked to point the finger at the conduct of FIFA. 

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What they (FIFA) did to Sepp and me is scandalous, they made us out to be cheaters, fraudsters, money launderers,’ Platini said.  ‘Just so that I wouldn’t become president.

‘It’s not easy when you’re known worldwide to be criticised worldwide, especially when you have children and grandchildren. ‘I hope there will be justice one day.’

 Sepp Blatter ended in 17-years reign in disgrace. The Swiss international has then faced multiple corruption allegations. Michel Platini, on the other hand, has been battling to protect his public image since his abrupt end as UEFA president.

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Michel Platini And Blatter Deny Corruption Allegations

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Blatter and Platini claim they had a verbal deal in 1998 for the Frenchman to be paid one million Swiss francs (£818,000) to serve as advisor to Blatter, should he be elected as FIFA president. 

That defence first failed with judges at the FIFA ethics committee, which banned them from football, and later in separate appeals at the Court of Arbitration for Sport.


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