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Hilda Dokubo – Women Should Know When To Leave Abusive Marriages

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Actress Hilda Dokubo has sent words of advice to women stuck in abusive marriages and relationships.

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Hilda Dokubo - Women Should Know When To Leave Abusive Marriages

The actress has said women should know their place and when to throw in the towel. According to her, an abusive relationship is more dangerous than an addiction.

In an interview with The PUNCH’s ‘Sunday Scoop’ where she was asked if she considers leaving an abusive marriage to be the solution to domestic violence, Hilda Dokubo said.

It depends on what the abuse is. My first option is not to leave your home. My first option will be to speak to the abused or the abuser. That is if the abuse is verbal, financial, psychological or emotional.

Nigerian renowned gospel singer died from internal bleeding from her abusive husband. Many women around the world are going through such things in silence. Hilda Dokubo cited her as a prime example of what can happen if a woman stays in an abusive relationship.

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The actress continued to make a strong case for her decision. She further explained.

If that is the case, I will let the abuser understand that the abused is can no longer take the abuse. The reason is that sine people don’t know that their spouse is being hurt by their actions.

But, if it is physical abuse, my advice is that the person should leave the environment completely. The actions of a man who can hit a woman cannot be predicted. Such a person needs mental evaluation. The actress also stated that religion and culture could not be totally absolved of blame in cases of domestic violence.

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Hilda Dokubo - Women Should Know When To Leave Abusive Marriages

Hilda Dokubo added that Cultural and religious institutions are the ‘creators’ of gender. They are the ones who say, ‘this is male and female; and that one is superior while the other is inferior’. God never classified men and women that way. Men and women were created equal.

Traditional and religious leaders need to ensure that everybody is protected, including children. People should not be made vulnerable or exposed to danger because of the things they (religious and traditional leaders) approve. Whatever is approved stays and whatever stays becomes a tradition.

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