Nigerian Footballer Found Dead In Italy

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A Nigerian footballer has been found dead in his car in Italy. The 39-year-old striker was found dead a few days after complaining of leg pains.

Emergency services found Akeem Omolade unresponsive in a Peugeot in Sicily’s capital Palermo on Monday, June 13. The striker’s death has not been linked to anything suspicious.

Nigerian Footballer Found Dead In Italy

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Initial examination showed no obvious external injuries. Omolade’s family said the Kaduna-born player had complained of leg pains days before.

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Nigerian Footballer Found Dead In Italy

The Nigerian footballer represented the Maroons in Serie A, Italy’s top flight, between 2001-2003, making five appearances in total. Torino said in a statement: ‘President Urbano Cairo and all of Torino Football Club sincerely share in the Omolade family’s grief at the passing of our former player Akeem Omolade.

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