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Blessing Okoro – A Man Without Money Is Nothing

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Relationship expert Blessing Okoro, has said a man without financial power cannot call himself a man.

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Blessing Okoro - A Man Without Money Is Nothing

Her utterance has sparked public outrage. Netizens have questioned her on what she said about men without money.

The Break or Makeup founder, famous for giving her hot takes on relationships, averred that a man’s sole responsibility is to provide for his woman.

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Blessing Okoro says any man who cannot provide financial assistance to his family, girlfriend or wife is worthless. According to her, if you cannot perform these duties as a man, seize calling yourself a man.

blessing okoro
Blessing Okoro - A Man Without Money Is Nothing

Blessing Okoro Said:

A man who does not give you money what will he be doing with you, absolutely nothing. he’ll just be draining y. When a man isn’t giving you money he’s going to be wasting your time, because there nothing a man can give a woman apart from money. Men are providers, that is how God has built them, provision is a sense of responsibility for men. Men cannot do so much for a woman, its a woman that is built to multi-task. His job is to provide for you, it gives a man a sense of happiness and excitement to provide for his woman. Love comes with giving, if your man is stingy to you, it simply means he doesn’t love you. Allow a man do his responsibility, the responsibility of a man is to provide for you.

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