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Young Man Receives Beatings Of His Life

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A young man has met something he will never forget until his grave appears. The youngster has been beaten mercilessly in the streets of Lagos.

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Young Man Receives Beatings Of His Life

 The video showing the moment a young man mercilessly flogged a commercial bus driver for bashing his vehicle is garnering attention online. According to reports, the commercial driver scratched his luxury car.

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The incident happened on Friday afternoon in the Lekki area of Lagos State.

The commercial drive accidentally bashed the young man’s 2020 Toyota Camry while trying to make a quick turn. The young man in return, flogged the driver.

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Young Man Receives Beatings Of His Life

Footage shows the moment the Camry owner alighted from his vehicle, brought out a whip and thrashed the bus driver’s rear end.

The man’s action has continued to receive massive criticisms from netizens who condemned his decision to flog the bus driver. Follow Us for exclusive entertainment and lifestyle news updates. We are on all social media platforms.

Young Man Receives Beatings Of His Life


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