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KieKie Celebrates 32 Birthday Luxuriously

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Comedienne KieKie cannot hide her excitement as she turns 32 years old. She has taken to the gram to praise herself for the new chapter.

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KieKie Celebrates 32 Birthday Luxuriously

The skit maker wrote an emotional birthday note to herself. According to her, She carries the centre of her happiness and all the good things that happened to her.

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Kiekie wrote the following words to herself.

The Wonder Child! HAPPY. BIRTHDAY. OLUWABUKUNMI!!AYANFE. JESU.! Which of God’s Blessings is not worth celebrating in my life!!! Indeed! OLUWABUKUNMI! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

I’m surrounded with love. I’m singled out for Blessings. I’m positioned for Greatness!

I carry the touch of Happiness! I’m an Embodiment of Great Energy! I represent the Presence of the Most High!

live a life of fulfillment! I’ve created my own success lane! I’m Living the best of God’s wishes for me! Today! My heart and soul is joyful for all that God has made possible for me! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU wonder Child!

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KieKie Celebrates 32 Birthday Luxuriously

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