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Tunisia To Change From Islamic State

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There is an impending new era in Tunisia amidst a new constitution.

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Tunisia To Change From Islamic State

According to President Kais Saied, the country’s new constitution will seek to move the country from an Islamic state to a multi-religion state.

President Kais Saied’s regime has been met with anti-corruption demonstrations. He is looking for a way to reform the system in Tunisia.

Tunisia To Change From Islamic State

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President Kais Said. The next constitution of Tunisia won’t mention a state with Islam as its religion, but of belonging to an umma (community) which has Islam as its religion,’ he told journalists at Tunis airport. The umma and the state are two different things.

Saied took delivery of the draft text on Monday, in his drive to overhaul the Tunisian state after he sacked the government and seized far-reaching powers to rule by decree last July in moves opponents called a coup.

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The first article of Tunisia’s 2014 constitution – and its 1959 predecessor – defined the North African country as a free, independent and sovereign state. Islam is its religion and Arabic is its language.

Tunisia To Change From Islamic State

The 2014 document was the product of a hard-won compromise between Ennahdha and its secular rivals three years after the revolt that overthrew dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.


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