‘I’m Sick Of Ghana’ – Shatta Wale Finally Speaks

Shatta wale

Shatta Wale, a Ghanaian musician, has expressed his dissatisfaction with his home country.
This was revealed by Shatta Wale in a recent interview with Andy Dosty on his ‘DayBreak Hitz’ program, which aired on Hitz FM on Tuesday morning.

This comes after he made headlines a few days ago for instructing his men to “beat” a road construction worker. According to him, he never asked anyone to beat the road builder.

It was accused of organizing a group of Nima boys to beat up some construction workers who denied him access to a road that was being built.

An onlooker at the scene recorded the self-proclaimed dancehall king yelling at a group of road construction workers after they denied him access to a specific road under construction.

According to the onlooker who recorded the video, the disgruntled singer drove to Nima to round up a gang from the Nima area to come and teach the construction workers a lesson for messing with him.

He also stated that Shatta and his Nima boys were unsuccessful in their quest and were forced to flee the construction site with their tails between their legs as the construction workers dealt with them mercilessly.

During the interview, he stated:

“I’m tired of Ghana. Shatta Wale is the source of all bad news. I’m exhausted. I’m sick of this country. Nobody in Ghana is above the law. Is there anything wrong with fighting for people to get a good road?

I will always be Ghana’s devil. Nobody was assaulted by my boys. They did not attack any of the construction managers.

We didn’t instigate any violence there. We only went to tell them to stop working. I never said I paid anyone to work on any road.”