‘Musical Rivalry Doesn’t Make Sense’ – Kwabena Kwabena


According to Kwabena Kwabena, the sky is too big for all musicians to shine at the same time, so it’s wrong for competition or rivalry to rear its ugly head among them.
The veteran Highlife specialist, best known for his monster hit song Aso, told Graphic Showbiz that unhealthy rivalry among artists causes a schism that should be avoided.

“In fact, any musician who considers another musician to be a threat or a competitor is not creative. We should instead value the work of other musicians and give them space to express themselves.

“The music industry is large enough for every musician to operate in, and I don’t see why we should compete among ourselves. A talented artist respects other artists and has no issues with them,” he explained.

When asked about Kuami Eugene, KiDi, and the Kumericans, who seem to be getting all the attention these days, Kwabena Kwabena said he admired them and enjoyed listening to their music, but that there was still room for improvement.

“Although these young people are doing so well, they need to improve their stage performances and write better lyrics for their songs. It takes time to mature, and I am confident that they will be fine in time. Young people require encouragement rather than criticism. We all started this way, but with determination and hard work, we’ve made it to where we are now. “I learned from people like Kojo Antwi, Daddy Lumba, and Amakye Dede,” he said.

“Our main goal as musicians is to make good quality music, not to talk too much and brag about things we don’t have. We talk way too much, which I don’t understand. We need to stop talking and get to work. “I believe in letting my work speak for itself,” he continues.